Welcome to "Masgouf Cuisine", London’s new speciality Iraqi Cuisine restaurant.

Located in Knightsbridge , our menu offers a delicious burst of fresh flavours influenced by the Sumerians Akkadians, Babylonians and ancient Persians. Taste the essence of Iraq with our informal yet charming decor where mouth watering culinary delights await you. 


Fish Dishes

Gorgeous Fish dishes featuring Red Mullet, gorgeous Sea Bass, Silver Pomphlet, Stew Spinach, Kabsa and more..


taste of Iraq 

Come and experience the true taste of Iraq with a selection of fine dishes dishes such as KOUZI. Knuckles of Lamb served on a bed of rice mixed with saffron raisins & pine nuts.

Your taste buds will thank you for the burst of flavours from the motherland.


On the Grill

A fine selection of grilled cullinary delights with sprinkles of Magouf cuisine Magic.

Try MAKHOOS, made with Chopped Fillet Lamb or cubed chicken with minced Lamb Kebab.

Masgouf Cuisine

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